Neu! Aus Classic Bordeaux Wine wird HOUSE of wines. Wenn Sie Interesse an unseren hochwertigen Bordeaux GRANDS CRUS haben, senden Sie uns bitte eine E-Mail.


Dear International Customer,

we are a German based trading house (near Hamburg) for Bordeaux wines. Our business model provides customers to buy high quality wines at reasonable prices. We serve both, commercial and private clients.

In general we deliver only within Germany, in accordance to our Terms and Conditions. (AGB)

However, due to the increasing demand from international markets, we herewith like to give you (our customer from abroad) the possibility to send your question, inquiry or order to our sales department.

We particularly point out, that it remains our decision to accept your order or not. This has nothing to do with you, as a person, but is related to export and tax issues.

All prices we may indicate and offer, will be net prices without transportation cost.

However, if this is requested, we will organize transportation at your cost.

Please understand, that we deliver only, if you have pre-paid the full invoice amount to our account.

With best regards
HOUSE of wines




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